Birds are my passion...


A transplanted Detroit City girl growing up in Southern California, I always felt out of place.  I wanted wide open spaces and a lot more hiking and birds. Finding all of that and more at the University of Idaho in Moscow, Idaho was a delight.

So what do you do with a degree in Philosophy? You become an accountant and a sometimes artist of course!  And what does a bird loving hiking artistic accountant do?  Travel as much as possible…from backpacking in New Zealand, living in Japan, seeing Thailand on the back of a motorbike, chasing exotic birds throughout Central America, hiking the Atlas Mountains of Morocco to narrow boating the canals of England, sunbathing the beaches of Malaysia, stalking the wild everythings of Australia, shopping the beautiful villages of Bali and ogling some of the 1600 bird species of the Amazon and Andes of Ecuador, tramping the jungles of Mexico and Panama,  I always keep my eyes skyward for birds and my feet planted firmly on the trail.

That trail led me to Canada's capital city, Ottawa, and while “visiting” for 5 years I met and married my music loving husband Daryl (Mr Music).  Now, not only do I know bird songs but my I-pod song count is outrageous thanks to Mr Music’s influence.  He is also handsome, a charmer and handy beyond belief!

Always interested in making things and always self-taught, I started sewing after university when I needed a backpack but didn’t have a lot of money. So I made one and it worked! After some traveling I decided to try my hand at weaving and I still have a floor loom and a tapestry loom in the studio for fiber exploration. Needing to cover a window with a broken seal led me to learning stained glass. Crocheting, knitting, woodworking, painting, I’m a jack of most trades and a master of none.  But I’ve always loved jewelry so it was a natural progression from stamping and painting dominos several years ago to stamping and riveting metals. And with metals I found passion. Using charms, stamps, heat, enamel, silver, copper, brass, metal clays, acrylic, gemstones and anything else I can find, I love bringing whimsy and birds to my workbench when creating my pendants.

Mr Music and I now live in Point Roberts Washington, the best gated community in the USA. Living here is sometimes a challenge made possible only by will and a Nexus Card since our small community is accessible only by car through Canada or by boat from the USA.  We own a small mail and parcel business where those accounting skills come in handy when I’m not at my workbench. Our family consists of 2 adorable cats living with us in a very funky house on 2 quiet acres.  Open space, hiking and birds are right out my door and a beautiful studio awaits above the garage for those moments of creative necessity and joy.


Handmade & One of a Kind